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The proper way to make a bed

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Apr 23, 2020
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Oct 18, 2020

Continuing from last month when our Executive Housekeeper Nicole Vella shared some tips to help develop good habits during the lockdown, this month Nicole teaches our readers in 9 easy steps the correct method of making your bed.

1. Clear the bed

Whether you’re making your bed after getting up in the morning or after washing your sheets, the first thing to do is to clear the bed. Be sure to take off pillows, stuffed animals, comforter, etc. Take the duvet off, as well as the top sheet and any pillows and set them aside (preferably not on the floor).

2. Put the fitted sheet on

Do this by tucking the elasticated ends of the sheet around the corners of the mattress.

Make sure the sheet is tucked tightly around the corners of the mattress – you may need to lift the mattress slightly to achieve this. Make sure the fitted sheet sits smoothly on top of the mattress, without any creases or wrinkles.

3. Put the top sheet on 

Take the top/flat sheet and spread it over the fitted sheet. Remember that the side with the large hem should go at the top of the bed and the hem should be aligned with the head of the mattress. Make sure the top sheet is spread evenly over the mattress, with the same length of sheet hanging over both sides of the bed.

4. Make hospital corners

The term “hospital corner” refers to a specific method of folding the end of the top/flat sheet tightly under the mattress. This is the trickiest step in making a bed but is also the part which will make your bed look the neatest.

To make a hospital corner, tuck the end width of the top sheet between the mattress and base at the foot of the bed. Don’t just stuff it in though! Make sure it is smooth and wrinkle-free.

Using the overlapping folds on each side, almost like wrapping a present, fold downwards (flush against the mattress) then tuck them between the mattress and base at each bottom corner of the bed.

5. Layering your blankets, duvet and comforter

Once the top sheet is tucked in place, you can lay your blankets, duvet and/or comforter on top. Make sure the duvet is spread evenly over the bed, with the same amount of overhang on each side of the bed. The top edge of the duvet, comforter or blanket should be about a hand palm away from the edge of the top sheet at the head of the bed.

6. Fold back the top sheet

Take the edge of the top sheet at the head of the bed and neatly fold it back over the top edge of the duvet, blanket/comforter. If you’re using a blanket or thin comforter, you can fold the blanket and sheet back together, so the hem of the sheet is no longer visible. Duvets are usually a little too thick to fold. 

Additionally, you can tuck the edges of the folded blanket and sheet underneath the mattress for a very neat and tightly-made bed. This is how they do it in hospitals and the military.

7. Smooth out the duvet  

Pull the duvet up until it’s two inches from the headboard, and smooth it out to ensure there are no wrinkles.

8. Fluff the pillows

Grab your pillows and give them a good fluffing before placing them at the top of the bed. 

To fluff a pillow, grab it on either side and squeeze the sides together before releasing – as if you’re playing the accordion.

Smooth out the pillowcases then lay each pillow flat at the head of the bed, to fill the space between the folded over duvet and the headboard. If you have more than two pillows (on a double, queen or king-sized bed for example) stack the extra two pillows directly on top of the bottom ones.

9. Finishing touches

To finish it off, take any decorative cushions or pillows you might have and place them in an upright position at the head of the bed, leaning them against the sleeping pillows for support. 

If you have an additional blanket or quilt that you like to keep on your bed, either for aesthetic purposes or in case it gets cold, fold it neatly in half and lay it evenly over the bottom half of the bed.