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The small things matter in life – Women’s Month feature

A love for planning – Women’s Month feature
August 19, 2016
Developing community; growing Port Alfred
September 21, 2016

With the belief that the small things really do matter, Camelot Spa Manager, Bianca Voogt, is the friendly face guests meet when entering the on-site spa at Royal St Andrews Hotel. Having always shown an interest in massage therapy, it was during her studies that she fell in love with the health and beauty industry, and, knowing the difficulties in balancing life and work, Bianca’s advice to value proper planning in achieving your goals. Read on to find out more about this incredible woman ~


What inspires you in life?

I am inspired by many things; my husband, family and friends, all forms of nature, art and music. Happy faces. Seeing random acts of kindness between strangers.

These things give me hope for this world and make me grateful for every day.

What does a typical day at work involve

A typical day for me at work starts off with our HOD meetings in the mornings, thereafter the spa will open and I will do a spa check including cleanliness, room set ups, maintenance and if all equipment is on and working. I then do a staff briefing and set a preparation plan with the therapists for the day regarding that day’s bookings and requirements. I then also try to plan as to when I can do my office admin in between my clients. My office admin will include things like emails, corresponding with head office, sales and promotional work with the hotel and head office and keeping the hotel and head office updated on the spa’s performance. While I am doing the office admin I will also perform reception duties for instance taking spa reservations and cashier duties. I also greet most clients on arrival and departure ensuring client’s satisfaction

How did you come to be in the wellness industry?

I have always been interested in the industry, mainly interested in massage, but I completely fell in love with all aspects of the Health and Beauty industry during my studies. And it has been a passion of mine ever since.

What is your favourite part of life at Royal St Andrews Hotel and Camelot Spa?

I am a people’s person and its always interesting meeting new people and creating relationships with clients.

I love my job and the people that I work with at the Royal St Andrews Hotel and Camelot Spa.

Did you have a female role model growing up? If so, how did she influence the person you are today?

A variety of people in my family influenced my life in different ways and I believe this is why I have become the strong, caring person that I am today.

How do you help to mould the people you work with each day?

The Health and Beauty industry is very dynamic and as a means of ensuring that we keep up with the continuous change and innovation, I am responsible for direct in house training of the therapists as well as working with our Head Office in setting up and co-ordinating off site training days.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

In this industry it can be a bit tricky. My husband is also in the hospitality industry, but we always try to make the best of it and to make time for our family. We tend to plan small things like ensuring an off weekend together or getting a half day approved to spend some quality time together in the afternoon.

What would your advice be to other women in maintaining their work/life balance?

Always remember that the small things matter.

And just some proper planning with your family and work can make a difference.