How a Shared Passion Created a Brewing Heritage

How a Shared Passion Created a Brewing Heritage

Enjoying a pint at The Highlander with Michael Phindile.

There are two staples at The Highlander Pub, the first is our traditional, Scottish-style house craft beer, and the second is Mike, our legendary bartender who has been serving patrons with friendly warmth and Gracious Hospitality since we re-opened in 2015.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know the regulars by name, I know most of them, I know what they want to order before they start to speak,” he says with a satisfied grin. “But I love it when they surprise me.”
Brewery team

For new visitors and first-time guests, 9 out of 10 times Mike recommends one of our three Highlander craft beer variants. “The Highlander Lager is my favourite, but I also love to make cocktails.”

Our exquisite range of house craft beers is expertly brewed exclusively for The Highlander Pub by the local Port Alfred brewing legend Ian Cooke, at The Little Brewery on the River.

“At first we just had Highlander Lager, it was very popular with customers so we extended it to include The Highlander Light and The Highlander Heavy”

“A heavy is a traditional Scottish-style beer, basically it’s an ale with a darker, amber hue, and richer, more complex full-bodied flavour” explains brewer Ian Cooke.

“To complement that we came up with The Highlander Light, which is dry and refreshing with a mildly fruity crispness. A really great beer to enjoy after a hot summer day.”

Beer tasting

“There’s a reason we call The Highlander the friendly of Port Alfred; people walk in as guests, but they always leave as friends.”

Be sure to visit the  The Highlander Pub at Royal St. Andrews and enjoy a refreshing pint and a warm chat with Mike and the team.